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Brynhild Collection

Every publisher has to deal with subscribers, members or buyers who do not pay. The way in which you subsequently try to collect your claim will remain in the memory of the subscriber forever. Often there is no intention, but unconsciously no payment or late payment.

Because you are careful with your circulation, we are careful with your defaulters. Even if they do not pay or pay less quickly. Kindness and understanding are more effective than threats. In addition, you will avoid irritated or even running away subscribers or members.

A friendly collection agency? Does that work?

Retaining an existing subscriber is much cheaper than recruiting a new one. But a friendly debt collection agency, does that work? Yes, it works.

Our approach has been shaped in practice. Brynhild Incasso now takes care of the collection processes for both print and digital publications of dozens of publishers, associations and organizations dealing with this payment problem.

And last but not least: Brynhild Incasso collection campaigns are almost always self-liquidating. In other words, they pay for themselves.

Brynhild Incasso stands for: