The difference between a satisfied and a dissatisfied customer

Processing orders from your webshop, keeping track of stock, timely delivery of the ordered items, payment processing, answering questions from customers and subscribers by telephone and email, sending premiums, forwarding editions that have already been published, exchanging and resending items; these are all very time-critical and labor-intensive matters.

All of which make the difference between a satisfied and a dissatisfied customer.

Everything under one roof: short lines and fast switching

At Subscriptions Land we know that like no other. That is why subscription land not only provides subscription management, but also fulfillment for its customers. The customer service is in daily contact with the visitors of your webshop and your subscribers. The big advantage here is that customer service, storage and fulfillment are done under one roof at Subscription Land. As a result, the lines are short and can be switched quickly.

Through cross-fertilization between customer service and fulfillment, the employees of both departments know what is going on with customers and subscribers.

Order processing, stock management, distribution and invoicing are managed from Thor, which developed Subscription Land for the publishing industry. Thor has integrated all things necessary for e-commerce, subscription management and the distribution of physical and digital items.