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More than just subscription management
and Marketing

With a wide range of management and marketing facilities, Abonnementenland has been one of the best equipped providers of subscription management for years. Abonnementenland has concentrated its management services on the demands and requirements in the publishing industry. Associations also find their way to Abonnementenland. It is our ambition to be able to offer our clients today what they will need tomorrow, which is why we offer you more than just certainty, efficiency and convenience. We also provide the creativity and innovation that could support you in realising your ambitions.

Since 1992 we have been helping companies in
the publishing industry, but we do a lot more!

Subscribers are the cork on which a magazine floats. These can be paid or free subscriptions. Few magazines have a right to exist without subscribers. It does not matter whether they appear in print or in digital form. Good subscription management is essential for this.

The publishing industry has fundamentally changed in recent years. The world is digitizing at a rapid pace. Internet, social media and digital publishing are things that no publisher can ignore. That is why the publishing house of tomorrow already needs a well thought-out cross-media strategy today. And the means to implement it. The database with the data of subscribers, customers and prospects is crucial in this. This is called big data nowadays.

The recording, central management, updating and accessibility of these large amounts of data is often the stumbling block. And - believe it or not - good subscription management is really much more difficult than it might seem at first glance.

Quality features

Online Marketing

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Our ambition is to be able to offer our clients today what they need tomorrow.

That is why we offer you more than just security, efficiency and convenience. We also provide the creativity and innovations that can support you in realizing your ambitions.


Processing orders from your webshop, keeping stock, timely delivery of the ordered items, payment processing, answering questions from customers by telephone and email.

Subscription land in the picture

With a wide range of management and marketing facilities, Subscriptions has been one of the best-equipped service providers in its field for years. Subscriptionsland has focused its management services on the questions and needs in the publishing industry. 

Circulation marketing

Acquiring new subscribers and retaining existing ones are the main tasks of circulation marketing to keep your circulation numbers high. But how?


Is part of the recruitment process for subscriptions within the Subscription Land. In addition to the recruitment letter and email, telemarketing also adds a very lucrative channel to your own recruitment process.


Financial processing

For the financial processing of subscription money, a solid and smooth course of the financial process within subscription management is crucial. Subscription Land takes care of this process from start to finish.

Sealing and shipping

Each edition of a magazine is unique. Editing, advertisements, layout, printing and then sending. For this shipment, each individual magazine is provided with the correct address. Sometimes package inserts and extra files are added to the sent edition.

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